Protect, Preserve and Profit through Innovation.


Defense Technology Corporation’s (DTC) core ideology is to provide superior solutions for today’s new world risks and threats. DTC is positioned to enter the, until now, untapped public school market segment for threat detection security. DTC has assembled a respected team of experts with decades of experience sharing a common vision of safety, quality, service & share holder value. Team members bring to bear a broad spectrum of executive, international & corporate experience, coupled with extensive diplomatic relationships both at home and abroad.

The company owns exclusive license’s for specific products and will file and hold other patent’s in the future. DTC is positioned to launch products that have substantial follow-on and targets specific government departments. DTC innovations will reduce blunt force & collateral damage in police and military operations.  DTC technological breakthroughs will transform security protocols for educational and government facilities in the USA and the world. DTC will proudly produced in partnership with domestic manufacturers here in the USA.


DTC was formed in 2007 to bring products to market in the areas of personal and collateral protection. DTC will succeed in the markets of personal and collateral protection by creating technology that is unique in design and operation. The company currently has two products in development that will change the face of their respective industries.

DTC has assembled a team of experts that have built relationships in target markets spanning over 30 years, enabling the company to deal directly with the decision makers specific to the products. DTC has presented to state and federal government departments and is positioned to move forward with the sale of products.

Corporate Citizenship


At DTC, we believe that protecting the environment and its finite resources plays a crucial role in our stewardship of the ecosystem and our product development. We continually seek to further reduce our carbon footprint globally by way of purchasing and manufacturing with recyclable/ renewable energy sources without comprising product integrity. DTC not only produces products to protect the user but also the environment. We encourage all of our clients and competitors to make greener choices.


DTC is commited to maintaining the highest ethical and legal standards, aiming be a world class provider of safe dependable products & services, and to meet or exceed our customers expectations. Ethical behavior is critical to maintaining and protecting DTC’s reputation.


Conventional means of security are not viable considering the need for high throughput rates and an ever-increasing variety of personal items to scan. Existing scanning methods are inaccurate, inefficient, and have caused countless wasted man-hours worth of false positives and double checking. This is in addition to the numerous incidents where the threat managed to slip through the cracks. The current offerings in the market are invasive, have only been tested for a relatively short period of time, and may prove to be harmful over the long term. DTC’s commitment is to be a world class provider of safe dependable products and services and to meet or exceed our customers expectations every day.