DTC Advantage™

DTC Advantage™- A micro-fiber product currently in development that has diverse commercial applications in the arena of armour and ballistic protection. This revolutionary product is optimized for the specific requirements of law enforcement, the Military, private security and Aviation.DTC Advantage™ blended micro-fiber using nano technology has displayed characteristics of resilience, strength, and resistance to degradation.

The applications include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Military
  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Marine products
  • Sports equipment
  • Safety equipment

The material is substantially lighter and more effective in applications and longevity of use, and has advantages over chemically based materials commonly in use. DTC is developing the technology to allow this material to be produced as either a soft pliable woven material-like product, or a rigid sheet material with structural integrity, while being as thin as copy paper.

Initially the technology will be produced in soft and hard body armor. DTC will also finalize development of the hard skin product having properties to enhance or replace Aluminum as an outer skin with ballistic protection in aviation, marine and land based applications. The premium placed on technology for the military leads DTC to believe this market will not be satisfied due to volume requirements related to applications.